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How to get into Caulfield Racecourse Reserve and where to fly.

There are a number of pedestrian entrances around the periphery. Access is any time between 9:30 AM until Sunset.

To drive in, go to the Glen Eira Rd (roundabout) entrance. Entry is from 9:45 AM. Drive to within 2 meters of the gate on far left and it will open. Please drive slowly as you will be being watched by Security using CCTV.

Proceed through the tunnel and turn left after you exit. Go past the picnic area and public parking lot on your right and follow the dirt road around to your right (clockwise). Approximately 2/3rds of the way around the lake you will come across two park bench seats. Cars should park on the lake side of the yellow path. Please leave the yellow path clear as cyclists including young children use it.

If not designated at the time, our flight line is parallel to and half way between the yellow path and black path. Briefly, this means RC pilots stand behind the line to fly, only going East of the line to set down or retrieve models taking off or landing. The public, including observers are requested to stay on the West side of the line and clear of take-off, flying and landing operations.

Access to the CRR centre is permitted on race days but not model flying. Race days can be found on the web or are sign posted around the racecourse e.g. at that Glen Eira Road entrance. The electric gate will let you out the same way.

Regulation XIV forbids dogs anywhere in the Reserve until after 4:30 PM and then only in Division 9. They can only be in the area where we fly after 4:30 and only if on a lead being led to or from Division 9 area for dogs.


Caulfield Racecourse Flying Club Inc.


Caulfield VIC 3162, Australia

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